Planks & Trestles

Our Trestles are Australian made with a 225kg load rating. All our trestles come with 250mm adjustable feet with rubber for extra stability. Our planks have rubber strips on each side making them anti slip.


We provide safety handrail systems to suit out trestles & planks. Our safety handrail system consists of telescopic handrails, outriggers, clamps & braces to assemble the system for industrial & domestic use such as house painting, roof plumbing & tilling, gardening, repairs & maintenance on external building and so forth.


We also sell plank clamps which allow two planks to clamp together thus evenly distributing the balance among both planks to prevent any bowing.



Trestles & Planks Calculator

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Painters Trestles with Adjustable Legs
Description Weight Load Rating Width of Trestle Top Width of Trestle Bottom Trestle Leg Adjustment
1.2m Trestle 13kg 225kg 600mm 760mm 250mm
1.8m Trestle 17kg 225kg 600mm 810mm 250mm
2.4m Trestle 21kg 225kg 600mm 910mm 250mm
3.0m Trestle 25kg 225kg 600mm 970mm 250mm
3.6m Trestle 28kg 225kg 600mm 1040mm 250mm

Aluminium Planks
Planks Weight Load Rating Width
2M 8kg 225kg 225mm
3M 12kg 225kg 225mm
4M 15kg 225kg 225mm
5M 19kg 225kg 225mm
6M 23kg 225kg 225mm

  • Heavy duty, surface-gripping rubber infills enhance stability
  • All planks are 227mm wide and 50mm
  • Load rate 225kg

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