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STAR 3M TAP - Semi-Welded Truck Access Platform

STAR 3M TAP - Semi-Welded Truck Access Platform

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Platform Height

Handrail Height

Platform Area

Approx. Weight




3000mm x 700mm



Experience the superior quality and versatility of Star Aluminium Semi-Welded Truck Access Platforms. Our platforms are designed with your convenience and safety in mind, offering a range of advantages.

Fabricated from rugged Aluminium, our platforms are lightweight yet robust, making them easy to set up and reposition as needed. They are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Safety is our top priority. Our truck access platforms feature sturdy handrails, providing easy and secure access. We customize rail guards based on your specific requirements, considering local conditions and height limits. With our attention to detail, we ensure a safe and compliant solution for trucks or working platforms.

Our innovative design includes round tubing for enhanced grip and features like the curved return rail. This unique feature allows users to navigate back safely without encountering any hard corners or obstacles.

For added flexibility, we offer truck-loading platforms with an extra castor in the center. This allows the platforms to be joined side-by-side when needed, without obstructing your path.

To meet Australian Standards, we offer two options for access angles: steps at a 67-degree angle or stairs at a 45-degree angle. This ensures compliance and optimal accessibility based on your specific requirements.

Elevate your truck access capabilities with Star Aluminium Semi-Welded Truck Access Platforms. Experience superior craftsmanship, customization, and safety features. Choose a trusted solution for your elevated work needs.

Standard Inclusions: 

  • Sturdy but lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Complies with Australian Standards.
  • Flexible castor wheels with adjustable height, adding an additional 300mm.
  • The working deck features a 13mm grid mesh.
  • The Bolt kit enables the connection of multiple platforms.
  • Handrails are coated in safety yellow powder for increased visibility.

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    • Safety First Approach

      Our safety-focused products create secure work environments, minimizing accidents & fostering a safety culture nationwide.

    • Trusted Quality

      Our platforms are certifed to ISO:9001 standards to ensure durability and reliability, to improve operations for many years to come

    • Nationwide Delivery

      Experience hassle-free delivery of top-notch aluminum platforms to locations across Australia.